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Driving the world to be safer, smarter, and more efficient

Rekor is worldwide yet locally focused, making the most of machine learning and custom-built infrastructure to show both historical trends and instant insights.

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  • Accessible across the globe

    With a data and customer footprint that spans geographies and a wide variety of sources, Rekor can enable any business or community to compare, contrast, and add depth to their quest for AI-driven insights.

  • Comprehensive data sourcing

    You've got to separate the signal from the noise. Rekor's machine learning takes in a wide scope of rich information from both proprietary and third-party sources to deliver unified, ready solutions.

  • Easy-to-use solutions

    Your people need to follow their instincts, not navigate menus. Rekor learns about how customers do their best work so that they spend less time trying to understand data and more time utilizing it.

Proprietary, award-winning technology

Rekor’s award-winning technology and solutions are driving action and innovation across countless high-profile agencies and businesses. Acknowledged as a driving force in AI and machine learning, our patented tech has been featured by prominent outlets and has enabled us to further develop our global, expanding footprint.

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